Demarc Extension Nationwide Timeframes

As part of our service guarantee, we offer Demarc Extension Nationwide Timeframes tailored to your project needs. Our established, proven processes and resources support our capabilities to accommodate any timeframe while meeting project requirements across any location.

Accelerated Demarc Extension Nationwide Timeframes

Standard 3-Day Accelerated Deployment Timeframe
With our standard service, customers are guaranteed project completion within 3 business days from the time of each service order.

Immediate, Mission Critical Timeframe
When the need is urgent, we guarantee a 15-minute order response time and 2-4 hour onsite maintenance response anywhere in the United States. International service to more than 90 countries is also available. We meet project timeframes while minimizing costs and providing the highest quality of consistent service. Quite simply, we are dedicated to getting the job done when and where you need it.

As a perceptive service team, we complete expedited projects with the same level of service as with standard turnaround timeframes. Our accelerated deployment timeframes allow us to provide consistent, dedicated service to our customers when they need us the most. This has made us the preferred partner and the undisputed industry leader in demarc extensions.

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