Testing & Maintenance

Demarc Extension Testing

With any installation, it is crucial to test the installed media equipment. We have acquired the unique ability to rapidly deploy demarc extensions including the testing of our installations for complete operation at the time of delivery.

Circuit Testing

After a demarc extension and/or eCPE is installed, the circuit should be tested for its operational use at the site location. Our knowledge and experience in testing circuits includes functional circuit and equipment testing that is critical in delivering an operational circuit – anytime, anywhere. This eliminates the chance of any improper testing and analysis of a circuit at the site location and the finger pointing hassles arising thereafter.

Accelerated Circuit Testing Importance

Testing is a vital stage as carriers are required to deliver larger volumes of circuits daily for which provisioning efforts can be extreme. Therefore, there are many circumstances that exist in provisioning that can impact delivery of a circuit. One example is the circuit’s status being designated as ‘blind acceptance’ with the local access provider, in which case its operation is not completely verified at the time of delivery. In such cases, provisioning issues may not be apparent until the day of circuit initiation at a site location. By having a managed field technician on site with the ability and knowledge to test circuits while installing a demarc extension will reduce truck rolls and immediately facilitate the isolation of the issue for rapid resolution.


Working daily with local access providers and carriers, we are able to identify all circuit delivery issues in advance including:

  • Site location address
  • Demarcation point
  • Circuit IDs (Tag & Locate)
  • Access points
  • Primary points of contacts
  • VAL forms requiring additional details

This attention to detail ensures an accelerated, coordinated deployment and avoids the possibility of a false dispatch due to improper information. In addition to these support services, we also verify and record SPIDs as well as additional circuit information at the time of completion of every deployment.

24/7 Maintenance & Support

We provide 24/7 maintenance and support even in situations where the demarc extension has not been installed by us. Benefits of our maintenance, support and testing services include:

  • Reduced down time and hassles by utilizing a single point of contact for all demarc extension-related issues and needs.
  • In the event of an issue, we provide the assurance of minimized downtime by making the network operational once more.

All our services are backed by our 100% Operational Guarantee.

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