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As mandated by federal law, all telecommunications carriers must hand off their telecom circuits to each subscriber, leaving their service at the building’s demarcation point, which is usually a ground floor telecom room. From this point, the demarc extension is the subscriber’s responsibility, extending their telecommunications circuit to their suite or network room, and begin using the telecom circuit.

Runtime: 1:36

Demarc Extension Presentations

1. Understanding the Demarc Extension - A Facility's Most Critical Cabling Channel

Summary: The loss of standardization for the demarc extension has impacted the telecommunications industry. This video reviews the loss of standardization, why standards are necessary for this critical cabling channel, FCC mandates for having a demarc extension installed for every telecom circuit and confusion in the industry surrounding the demarc extension.

Runtime: 3:16

2. The Loss of Standardization and Current Mandates of the Demarc Extension

Summary: The demarc extension is the most important cabling channel in a telecommunications enterprise network and is federally mandated for the installation of all circuits. This information examines the demarc extension, its definition, history, the impact it has on a business and issues caused when a demarc extension is installed unreliably.

Runtime: 3:52

3. The Critical Role of the Demarc Extension and its Impact on Business Operations

Summary: The demarc extension is the most important cabling channel in a telecommunications enterprise network. This information reviews the importance of a reliable demarc extension on business operations, the impact of a faulty demarc extension on productivity, customer demands surrounding the demarc extension, issues encountered during installation and confusion over responsibility for the demarc extension.

Runtime: 4:12

Riser Cable Pulling

Summary: The third video of the four-part ICT program, the Cable Pulling Course, advances your knowledge in the world of low-voltage cabling to cover all aspects of riser cable pulling.

Runtime: 0:52

What Is a Demarc Extension?

Summary: This short video explains what a Demarc Extension is and why CRE building tenants are told they’ll need one by their telecom and Internet service providers. Demarc Extensions should be performed and documented by qualified professionals building management trusts to access critical network infrastructure.

Runtime: 0:46

Ethernet Site Readiness - Everything You Need to Know

Summary: Metro Ethernet, or Carrier Ethernet, offers a cost-effective way to ensure network performance for today’s business technology: cloud services, VoIP, video conferencing, backup and recovery, etc. The transition can be made painlessly when you’re familiar with the process and the carrier’s readiness requirements. Unfortunately, lack of experience on the part of customers, building staff and site readiness personnel often results in many site visits, inadequate site preparation and unexpectedly long delays. And service providers typically charge for those additional visits.

Runtime: 6:05

How To Hack An Optical Cable in Your Building

Summary: This video shows how easy it is for potential hackers to hack into optical fiber & download the information freely. There are many locations where the physical protection of a fiber is very poor, and where the naked fiber is accessible for hacking. Simple optical taps costing less than $500 can be used to access the data which is then freely accessible. More sophisticated hacking methods can fool attenuation monitoring tools. the data needs to be encrypted for protection. However, many corporations believe that optical fiber is intrinsically secure.

Runtime: 2:15

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