Demarc Extension Nationwide Advantages

At Demarc Extension Nationwide, we have the system, process structure, back-end and resources to implement extensions for all nationwide projects. Some of the countless advantages of using Demarc Extension Nationwide include:

Nationwide Footprint

Since 1995, we have provided thousands of nationwide demarc extensions. This also includes eCPE & equipment services. Our understanding of circuits combined with our ability to work with hundreds of local access providers and Tier I, II and III Carriers spread across the country makes us the leader of preferred service providers in this category. This means a quick and accurate turn-around time for your circuit delivery and operation.

International Footprint

For your large, global telecom rollouts, we have the resources and experience of successfully completing accelerated demarc extension deployments in over 90 countries.

Eliminates Your Management Needs & Effort

By using Demarc Extension Nationwide, you are assured that every aspect of your demarc extension is managed and implemented properly and efficiently. We have the demarc extension services available domestically and internationally to eliminate all management needs and effort so you can focus your core competencies – your customers.


By specializing in demarc extensions and eCPE & equipment services, we are able to minimize the number of truck rolls required to complete customer projects. This provides reduced costs and accelerated deployment timeframes associated with every project while ensuring our expertise in the field to cover all aspects of circuit operation.

Job Completion Assurance - 100% Operational Guarantee

Based on our extensive experience with local loops, circuits, eCPE, and nationwide network of field technicians, we provide the industry’s only 100% Operational Guarantee and a comprehensive Job Completion Assurance for the most critical segment(s) of cabling you will have on premise.

Circuit Testing and Turn Up

Contrasting with most other vendors who provide minimal testing services when performing a demarc extension, we have an all-encompassing circuit testing policy. Upon authorization, we not only test the cabling extension portion at the site but also the entire circuit by connecting directly with the carrier’s testing center to confirm circuit operation. This provides additional assurance to the carrier as to the condition of their circuit prior to user acceptance.

Flexibility of Time and Services

One of our primary strengths lies in our ability to provide accelerated service delivery and high-quality performance. This is because we specialize in demarc extension services in which nationwide field technicians execute all work professionally and complete each job according to schedule.

This is made possible through our operational flexibility and in-depth understanding of our role, which prepares us to respond quickly in the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise while on the job. Also, our technicians do not leave any job sites at an incomplete stage of implementation. We focus on providing the service that is most convenient for you in one of two ways:

  1. Extending our timeframe and remaining at the job site to complete the project or
  2. Immediately rescheduling work according to your timeframe.

Consistency of Service

In many cases, when moving to another location, the end user requires a demarc extension at the new location. Through our nationwide and cross-geographical scope of services, our customers can be assured that they will receive the same professional level of service for every demarc extension at any location, new or old.

COPS (Concert Orchestrated Processing System)

Through our web based portal, COPS, and email alerts you will be advised every step of the way on the condition of your demarc extension and circuit.

Maintenance & Support

In the event of any unforeseen occurrence with our customer’s demarc extension cabling or equipment, we provide 24/7 Maintenance that ensures a fast resolution of problems so that your network is up and running with minimal interruption to business operations.

OSP (Outside Plant)

Not all circuits are delivered at the MPOE. There are instances in which the circuit is instead delivered at the MPOP, located outside of the facility. This requires additional expertise and services not typically required for a demarc extension within a facility. Demarc Extension Nationwide has the necessary OSP services and experience to provide this support whenever needed. See Diagrams


With the advent of wireless technology, mounted equipment on building rooftops require a demarc extension to be routed to the MPOE as well as additional locations within the facility. Our specialization in installing and configuring all eCPE & demarc extension equipment allows us to install a demarc extension regardless of individual equipment and technology required.


Demarc Extension Nationwide has the experience in implementing a wide range of services across multiple environments with varying equipment. This has allowed us to acquire the ability to provide power services for eCPE and Extenders in addition to our primary demarc extension offerings.

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