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Inside Wiring

Although the term inside wiring is typically used to describe a demarc extension, you will want a highly-skilled technician installing the most important piece of cabling in your building for your network. Not only do you want the cabling installed correctly, you want the expert knowledge of circuits, eCPE and familiarity with the LEC’s procedures on your side to make sure your demarc extension is delivered quickly and is 100% operational all of the time for your telecom circuit.


Outside Plant (OSP) Telecommunications infrastructure designed for installation exterior to buildings and is typically routed into the entrance facility.

Below are two programs specifically developed to handle your very important needs for your demarc extension, with or without equipment:

Levels Program

We enjoy the unique distinction of having developed the industry’s first Demarc Extension Nationwide Levels Program. This simplified program provides the exact requirements for your circuit, once it extends beyond the demarcation point at the Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE).

The ultimate benefit of the Demarc Extension Nationwide Levels Program is an enhanced, simplified ordering process which results in accelerated installations with accurate billing. The Levels Program consists of two primary levels and one sub-level of each.
Level 1 Demarc Extension | View Demarc Extension Definition
Level 1 + eCPE | View eCPE Definition
Level 2 Demarc Extension
Level 2 + eCPE

Program Details

Level 1 Demarc Extension
The demarc extension is within the distance limitation of the media utilized for the circuit type (i.e., 56k, T1, OC3) and consists of cabling, labeling standards, terminations and testing.

The terminations and cabling convention at each end of the media is determined by the interface into the equipment used. Example: 66 block at MPOE and CSU at customer’s edge CPE location.

The labeling will indicate carrier and local access provider circuit ID numbers and any additional identifiers that may be required for your specific installation. Labeling will be applied at the demarcation point and the Edge Termination Point. More information on labeling standards

The media testing for the portion of the extended demarc shall consist of, at a minimum, testing for continuity and wire mapping from the Demarc Connection Point to the Edge Termination Point or patch cord when required to interface into the Edge Termination Point.

The circuit must be tested for circuit functionality with the carrier or local access provider.

Note: This test is dependent upon the following:

  • Circuit type
  • Class of test equipment used
  • Availability of access to carrier or service provider’s testing center

Level 2 Demarc Extension
A Level 2 Demarc Extension requires all of the components of a Level 1 Demarc Extension along with the additional equipment required to extend the media due to distance limitations of the media utilized. This equipment, used to extend the media beyond its length limits, is categorized as Extenders (Repeaters). See Diagrams

Level + eCPE
The sub-levels of each Level 1 and Level 2 Demarc Extension consist of the related requirements described above for each as well as the eCPE (edge Customer Premises Equipment). Examples of eCPE include Routers, CSU/DSU and Modems. Learn more about our eCPE Services

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