What is a Demarc Extension?
Learn the standards and definitions regarding a demarc extension.

Demarc Extension Nationwide Advantages
At Demarc Extension Nationwide, we have the system, process structure, back-end and resources to implement extensions for all nationwide projects.

Partner Program
Concert Technologies’ Partner Program was designed to provide select partners the opportunity to accelerate the growth of their business with an alternative revenue stream while providing value added solutions for customers both nationwide and internationally.

Demarc Extension Terminology
The defined demarc extension terminology will provide firms with the ability to easily communicate demarc extension installation and maintenance information to field and office personnel in a clear and unified fashion.

Industry History
The lack of national leadership for standardization, poor installation practices and confusion over demarc extension responsibilities in the market have negatively impacted the industry. Learn about the history of the industry from the beginning.

Frequently asked questions to address your demarc extension needs.