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Demarc Extension Nationwide was developed by Concert Technologies to address the deregulation and associated FCC regulation that every circuit installed must have a demarc extension due to the separation required between the access provider’s network and the premise at which the circuit is delivered. Through the loss of standardization that was maintained prior to the deregulation and other FCC rulings, the separation of responsibility at the demarcation point has lead the industry to a gray area of understanding regarding the responsibility for the installation of the most important segment(s) of cabling – the demarc extension which extends the circuit from the demarcation point to the end user’s edge Customer Premises Equipment (eCPE).

This lack of set standards for installation practices on a nationwide basis combined with firms missing the expertise to supply a competent and professional field force nationally has lead to the formation of Demarc Extension Nationwide. Thus, the mission of Demarc Extension Nationwide is three-fold:

Mission Statement
– To deliver an accelerated and exceptional level of service for the installation and maintenance of demarc extensions on a nationwide scale.
– Eliminate management needs and effort by providing all demarc extension services from a single nationwide provider.
– To provide clear and concise information to the telecommunications market and facilitate the understanding of specifications and installation practices for demarc extensions.

Through Concert Technologies, Demarc Extension Nationwide brings you more than a decade of experience in the carrier and access provider industry, in which we have developed a wealth of invaluable information and contacts that allow us to accelerate your demarc extension and provisioning processes and installations.

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