Industry First Demarc Extension White Paper for Telecom Agents and Carriers Published

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White Paper Exposes the Critical Role of the Demarc Extension in all Enterprise Network Telecommunications Infrastructure.

DULLES, VA, MAY 11, 2010 – Demarc Extension Nationwide today announced the publication of the industry’s first white paper to support telecom agents and carriers in ensuring complete operability of the circuit at the time of delivery. Titled, “The Demarc Extension and its Critical Role in Enterprise Netword Telecommunications Infrastructure,” this white paper will expose the lack of standardization of the demarc extension as well as emphasize the impact this important piece of cabling has on businesses and buildings across the US and internationally.

“This white paper sets industry standards and guidance for the most important transmission path in commercial buildings. Without standards and guidelines, the potential to install the demarc extension incorrectly increases and can threaten business and effect productivity,” advises developer of Demarc Extension Nationwide and President of Concert Technologies, Dennis Mazaris. “This issue is important for the telecom agent and the carrier to address in order to increase customer satisfaction and ensure future business.”

Information highlighted in this white paper includes:

  • The importance of the demarc extension to essential circuit delivery and customer satisfaction
    Isolating circuit versus inside wiring problems quickly
  • The correlation between the loss of standardization and poor installation practices
  • Clarification regarding who is responsible for the installation
  • Installer survey data for demarc extensions
  • Demarc extension standards and resources
  • About Demarc Extension Nationwide

Demarc Extension Nationwide is a brand of Concert Technologies and was developed as the telecommunications industry leader of nationwide installation services and education of the demarc extension. In addition to providing these nationwide installation and maintenance services, the brand sets the standards and supplies the necessary information to facilitate the understanding of specifications and installation practices for demarc extensions. Demarc Extension Nationwide supports the telecom agent and carrier in ensuring complete operability of the circuit at the customer’s site. Visit Demarc Extension Nationwide online at

About Concert Technologies
Concert Technologies, founded in 1995, is a privately-held technology service company based in Dulles, VA. It is the leader in the rapid delivery of nationwide rollouts and global technology deployments for government, commercial and international organizations. Utilizing the Maestro Technology Rollout System®, it quickly implements, installs and manages multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology infrastructure projects. Visit Concert Technologies online:

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