Demarc Extension Video Series Released to Educate Telecom Agents and Carriers

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DULLES, VA, JUNE 9, 2010 – Demarc Extension Nationwide today announced the release of a groundbreaking video series revealing an educational view of the demarc extension for telecom agents and carriers. This three-part series acknowledges essential facts and concerns surrounding the demarc extension. Titles include:

  • “Understanding the Demarc Extension – A Facility’s Most Critical Cabling Channel” Runtime: 3:52
  • “The Loss of Standardization and Current Mandates of the Demarc Extension” Runtime: 3:16
  • “The Critical Role of the Demarc Extension and its Impact on Business Operations” Runtime: 4:12

“Previously an area of uncertainty and blame, the demarc extension has always been a challenging area of service for telecom agents and carriers. The purpose of this short video series is to educate telecom agents and industry professionals on the most important cabling channel and transmission path in a facility, so as to be better prepared when a telecom circuit goes down and fingers start pointing,” commented founder of Demarc Extension Nationwide and President of Concert Technologies, Dennis Mazaris.

The videos in the series provide guidance with regards to the demarc extension. Key topics discussed include:

  • Terminology and history
  • Standards
  • Installation
  • Responsibility
  • Connectivity issues

The importance of the demarc extension to a business
Many of the topics discussed in this series were addressed at the information technology systems association 2010 winter conference held by BICSI in Orlando, Florida.

About Demarc Extension Nationwide
Demarc Extension Nationwide is a brand of Concert Technologies and was developed as the telecommunications industry leader for nationwide installation services and education of demarc extensions. In addition to providing these nationwide installation and maintenance services, the brand sets the standards and supplies the necessary information to facilitate the understanding of specifications and installation practices for demarc extensions. Demarc Extension Nationwide supports the telecom agent and carrier in ensuring complete operability of the circuit at the customer’s site. Visit Demarc Extension Nationwide online at

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