Demarc Extension Nationwide to Offer Telecom Agents One Contact for National Services at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo

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DULLES, VA, MARCH 1, 2010 – Starting today a new resource will be available to telecom agents to access one point of contact in order to satisfy the federal mandate for all commercial buildings to have a demarc extension. Previously an area of uncertainty, the successful installation of the demarc extension is critical to the outcome of the circuit working properly and reliably. From the customer’s prospective, this gray area can have significant impact on the perception of the telecom agent’s capabilities to deliver circuits on time and without issues.

“The main objective of Demarc Extension Nationwide, a brand of Concert Technologies, is to be the single contact and provide a complete program of demarc extension services nationally, thus reducing the agent’s exposure to providing poor service in the eyes of the customer, whether the agent is involved or not ” explains President, Dennis Mazaris.

Demarc Extension Nationwide guarantees agents the assistance necessary to have their products and services implemented for their customer to be on schedule. By offering a reliable demarc extension service with years of experience nationally, the agent as well as their customer can feel confident that the issues that may arise can be handled in a professional, timely, and consistent manner. Important services include:

  • Inside Wiring and OSP
  • eCPE and Other Equipment Installations
  • Testing, Turn Up and Troubleshooting for all Telecom Circuits
  • The Industry’s Only 100% Operational Guarantee

Benefits to the Industry
FCC part 68 regulation and federal law mandates every telecommunications circuit to have a demarc extension. As a result, demarc extensions have become a popular topic at recent events including the BICSI Winter Conference and will continue to also be a topic of interest for agents at the Channel Partners Conference. Agents have begun to realize the importance that a demarc extension can have on their reputation and customer perception of them.

Concert Technologies has been the trusted, experienced resource for ISPs, IXCs, MSPs, CLECs and ILECs for years. A result of this success, Concert Technologies developed the Demarc Extension Nationwide brand for the following purposes:

  • To deliver an accelerated and exceptional level of nationwide service, including international capabilities, for the installation and maintenance of demarc extensions.
  • Eliminate management needs and effort by providing all demarc extension services from a single nationwide provider.
  • To provide clear and concise information to the telecommunications market and facilitate the understanding of specifications and installation practices for the demarc extension.

About Demarc Extension Nationwide
Demarc Extension Nationwide is a brand of Concert Technologies and was developed as the telecommunications industry leader of nationwide installation services and education of the demarc extension. In addition to providing these nationwide installation and maintenance services, the brand sets the standards and supplies the necessary information to facilitate the understanding of specifications and installation practices for demarc extensions. Visit Demarc Extension Nationwide online at

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