Demarc Extension Nationwide Provides Support Services for Telecom Agents at Channel Partners Conference & Expo

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DULLES, VA, September 15, 2010 – Demarc Extension Nationwide today announced its participation in the 2010 Fall Channel Partners Conference and Expo held September 20-23 in Washington, DC. Exhibiting at booth 2044, Demarc Extension Nationwide will showcase its nationwide demarc extension services for telecom agents and master agents.

In addition to offering nationwide and international demarc extension services, the company also is committed to the education of the demarc extension. Free resources offered by Demarc Extension Nationwide include a white paper, video series, diagrams and terminology.

“I was quite impressed by the website’s diagrams and terminology used to clearly explain this critical aspect of a circuit, the demarc extension. It was instrumental in developing a Premise Distribution System policy for use in our new Terminal, and distinguishing Tenant vs Airline support responsibilities.” commented James Caldwell, San Antonio Aviation Dept.

FCC part 68 regulation and federal law mandates every telecommunications circuit to have a demarc extension. This is the critical cabling and equipment that extends a circuit in the building from the local access provider’s demarcation point to the edge customer’s premises equipment.

“Offering demarc extension services is supplemental to the services the telecom agents provide for their customer. This value-added service provided on a nationwide scale supports the efforts of the agent in circuit delivery and the rapid resolution of an issue, ultimately resulting in a positive experience for the Agent’s customer,” commented founder of Demarc Extension Nationwide and President of Concert Technologies, Dennis Mazaris.

About Demarc Extension Nationwide
Demarc Extension Nationwide is a brand of Concert Technologies and was developed as the telecommunications industry leader for nationwide installation services and education of demarc extensions. In addition to providing these nationwide installation and maintenance services, the brand sets the standards and supplies the necessary information to facilitate the understanding of specifications and installation practices for demarc extensions. Demarc Extension Nationwide supports the telecom agent and carrier in ensuring complete operability of the circuit at the customer’s site. Visit Demarc Extension Nationwide online at

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