Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet Ready: Customer Premise Prep Services

Customer premise site readiness for Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet Services can be simple. The key is understanding how to meet Lumen (CenturyLink) Customer Premise Site Visit Requirements for Fiber Based Services. Unfortunately, lack of familiarity with the specific details of these requirements on the part of customers, building staff and site readiness personnel often leads many site visits, preparation misunderstandings and unexpected roadblocks to service delivery.

Concert Technologies knows how to prevent those unseen problems and frustrating cost surprises. A Registered Telecommunications Project Manager (RTPM) manages each Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet customer premises readiness job and knows how to coordinate between customer and Lumen (CenturyLink). Daily experience deploying information communications technology allows us to achieve Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet site readiness with a minimal number of site visits. After the initial survey, we will discuss the LEC engineer’s requirements and look for ways to minimize costs and accelerate the installation of your Metro Ethernet service.

Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet Site Readiness Resources

Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet Site Readiness One-Pager

Concert Technologies Lumen (CenturyLink) Ethernet Site Prep Benefits

  • Accelerated site preparation
  • Minimize site visits and costs
  • Meet all carriers’ readiness requirements
  • Local in all US states and 165 countries
  • 100% managed Metro Ethernet site prep

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