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"Where the LEC Stops, We Start"

Welcome to Demarc Extension Nationwide—A Concert Technologies Program

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  • Nationwide Footprint of Service with International Experience & Capabilities

  • Available Anytime, Anywhere

  • Ethernet Site Readiness

  • Inside Wiring & OSP

  • eCPE and Other Circuit Equipment Installations

  • Testing, Turn Up and Troubleshooting for all Telecom Circuits

  • The Industry's Only 100% Operational Guarantee

  • The Trusted, Experienced Resource for ISPs, IXCs, MSPs, CLECs and ILECs

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We extend and test all circuit types including:

-  Ethernet
-  T1
-  DS1, DS3
-  OC3, 12, 48, 96, 192
-  Frame Relay
-  56K and more

Learn about our circuit testing & maintenance services

Accelerating Your Demarc Extension Deployments

This is your source for demarc extensions including facility cabling, circuit validation, testing and maintenance. Demarc Extension Nationwide was developed to:

  • Deliver an accelerated and exceptional level of service for the installation and maintenance of demarc extensions on nationwide scale.

  • Eliminate management needs and effort by providing all demarc extension services from a single nationwide provider.

  • Provide clear and concise information to the telecommunications market and facilitate the understanding of specifications and standardized installation practices for demarc extensions.
Demarc Extension Installation & Circuit Testing Nationwide  

It is through our nationwide experience of completing hundreds of thousands of telecom circuit extensions, also known as demarc extensions, that we are able to provide you and your team with the expertise to get your jobs done rapidly and right the first time.

As part of our service offerings, we offer the industry's only 100% Operational Guarantee. This eliminates the “finger pointing” that can often occur when a demarc extension is installed and tested improperly as well as ensures that your circuit is operational at the time the edge Customer Premises Equipment (eCPE) is installed.

Advantages of Demarc Extension Nationwide
When you work with Demarc Extension Nationwide, you receive many benefits including:

  • Nationwide Footprint
  • Fast and Consistent Level of Service
  • Circuit Testing and Turn Up

Learn what else you can expect from Demarc Extension Nationwide and Concert Technologies.
Demarc Extension Nationwide Advantages

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Ethernet Site Readiness
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