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riserSAFE Program | Nationwide Riser Management

Give Your Building the Advantage of riserSAFE Protection
Building owners and managers understand the importance of riser management and the associated concerns surrounding the building's riser system. Under the riserSAFE Program, building owners and managers work with one consistent, reliable source for managing the building's riser system.

Please contact us or call (866)790.5400 to discuss your riser management options and schedule an on-site assessment.


Riser Management Video: Why Riser Systems Fail

Nationwide Riser Management Services
With your reputation on the line, the threats to your building and your tenants' business operations are real—the operability and security of your tenants' IP Networks, the risk of safety code violations, vandalism of telecommunications circuits and the threat of data theft. Recent statements by government authorities indicate these threats are fast-growing, though many instances go unreported due to the damage of the building owner or manager's reputation. Under the Concert Technologies riserSAFE program, building owners and property managers are afforded the peace of mind that their riser system is secured with the added benefits of using one consistent, reliable source for managing the building's critical network infrastructure.

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